Monthly Archives: March 2005

Spring is a time for…

Serapio has pictures of cute spiders. I have the good fortune to have a family of doves outside my window.

Several months ago, mama and papa dove would come alight on my balcony with pieces of straw in their beaks and then continue into the tree outside my balcony. Last week, I noticed two discarded egg shells left nicely on my balcony. This afternoon, I came home and discovered the whole family hanging out on my balcony. Most interesting is that mama would come land on the ledge and her two chicks would come and stick their beaks down hers to catch whatever treats she might regurgitate up for them. But the chicks are learning to do what birds do, which means my balcony is covered with what birds doo.

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Recently, my Bible study had a pot luck social, and everyone was encourage to prepare a dish, one of their “favorite things”. The invitations to the pot luck were sent out by, where one can RSVP with some wise and witty remark. Having just seen a snippet of Sound of Music at Pinkerton’s dorm, I could not resist responding as follows:

Top Ramen noodles and Microwave Dinner,
Domino’s Pizza is always a winner,
Left over soup from a year ago spring,
These are a bachelor’s favorite things.

Then I prepared Mom’s Macaroni & Cheese, only I have since then learned that what Mom fixes is really something like baked rigatoni, and what the rest of the world calls “macaroni & cheese” is really something nasty I wouldn’t touch even if all the Top Ramen was gone. Anyhow, I fixed the casserole, labeling one side “Baked Penne (Contains olives & mushrooms)” and the other side “Macaroni & Cheese (doesn’t)”. Every one like one side or the other.

So there you have it. I have now posted to my blog. In other news, I just worked 60hrs this week at the bookstore during my church’s Shepherds’ Conference servicing 3300 pastors from all over the world. I had tea this afternoon with a delightful young woman from Brazil. And while returning her to church, we witnessed a “hit & run” accident and followed the “runner” until the “hitted” and I boxed him in and called the cops. But other than that, my life is boring as usual.