Monthly Archives: October 2011

Good Questions

The other day at lunch, my five-year old son asked me how a microwave oven works.

So I told him about “invisible energy waves,” called “electromagnetic waves” that travel from one place to another. You can’t see them, but they do a work. In the case of the microwave, they excite our food and make it hot. In the case of baby brother’s monitor, they excite the antenna so we can hear when he cries. Our cordless phone works the same way, so we can hear Grandma and Papa talk. Nathanael thought that was pretty cool.

After lunch I took Nathanael outside to a washbasin and we dropped a pebble in the water and watched the waves spread out across the surface of the water, and bounce back again. Snaking my hand and arm across from one side to the other, I told him invisible energy waves work the same way, you just can’t see them. I also told him an earthquake is similar; it’s an energy wave that goes through earth and makes your house shake.

Visibly impressed, Nathanael asked, “So why does God send earthquakes?”

The questions don’t get easier.