30 Days to Fortaleza!

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Exactly 30 days from today, December 2, we arrive, Lord willing, at our new assignment at the Expositors’ Bible School (EBEx) in Fortaleza!

As we count the day approaching, we are delighted to see God’s provision on our behalf. Of the $1100 in new monthly support needed, we have received $260. And of the $10,000 in one-time special expenses associated with moving and getting reestablished in Fortaleza, we have now received $5050! We are grateful for what the Lord has provided through the generosity of His people!

Brazil Progress Map 2015.11.02

In our last letter we asked you to pray that God would provide a good renter for our home in Goiânia. We were perplexed because our house needs work. But we couldn’t figure out how, for example, to replace the flooring in the home while we are still living here. And even worse would be to try to oversee the work from 1400 miles (2300 km) away!

But God knew. We hired a carpenter, a friend from church, to begin repairs for us. He is getting married in March and asked if we would rent our home to him. In exchange for discounted rent, he’ll continue repairs on our home himself! Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer!

Looking toward Fortaleza, the Lord has also provided a fantastic home for us there. A family from the church there is moving, and has made their mostly-furnished home available to us. As one-by-one the Lord cares for the details of our move, we rejoice in His care expressed—at every turn—through the kindness of His people!

Also in our last letter we mentioned that Pastor Humberto, administrative director at EBEx, acquired the rights to translate and publish Preaching: How to Preach Biblically, by John MacArthur. At EBEx we will use this as one of our textbooks.

To begin the translation of this important book I have assembled an “international team of translators.” 🙂 Brandon and Paula are an American-Brazilian couple living here in Goiânia. Elaine is a Brazilian-Canadian in Toronto. These friends have experience translating sermons and Christian blog articles into Portuguese. They are passionate about the gospel and desire to see quality resources made available to Brazilian pastors. But this book is bigger than anything we’ve taken on before!

Please pray for Brandon & Paula, for Elaine, and for the whole project through its drafts and revisions, that the Lord would bless our efforts, and through this book, bless future generations of Brazilian preachers!

Please pray also for my preparation for my class on Hermeneutics, i.e., “How to Interpret the Bible,” that I will teach in January as a one-week module. I desire that the Lord be glorified and the students edified as we reverently approach God’s Word and learn how to let God’s own Word lead us to our theological conclusions and convictions.

In other news, we are encouraged to hear the church in Fortaleza is praying for our safe arrival. They are also working together to help launch the new seminary. Initially, the Expositor’s Bible School will meet at the church’s current facilities, but the people are purchasing a new property and plan to move the church, seminary and other associated ministries to the new location within the next two years.

Two weeks ago, the church held a work day on Saturday to clean up the new property, and an open-air church service (below) on Sunday. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see the whole church pulling together to make the new seminary a reality!

ibbp image5 1200

Makes us wish we were already there!

It is truly humbling, when we consider how many people are “pulling” for us—whether back home, or ahead of us in Fortaleza—through your prayers and your generous financial gifts! Please continue to pray with us that the Lord would provide for us to arrive fully-funded in Fortaleza. If you would like to include our ministry in your year-end or Christmas giving, any gift at this time would help us land on our feet in Fortaleza for 2016.

Yours in Christ,
Matthew & Elsiene Carroll,
Action International Ministries

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