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90 days to Fortaleza!

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Exactly 90 days from today, December 2, 2015, we will arrive, Lord willing, at our new assignment at the Expositors’ Bible School in Fortaleza!

Founded by a team of Brazilian pastors, the Escola Bíblica de Expositores (EBEx), will launch in January 2016, in order to equip Brazilian pastors in solid biblical preaching.

Diego Ramos in his Senior Testimony at
The Master’s Seminary in 2014
Click to watch online (6 min.)

Diego Ramos, EBEx academic director, originally contacted me last March, to ask if I would consider serving as an adjunct professor for the seminary. Elsiene and I prayed and replied that the 2300 km (1400 miles) between Goiânia and Fortaleza was too far for me to be of much benefit for EBEx—but that if they were willing and invited us, we would gladly consider moving our family to Fortaleza to help launch the new seminary.This is how we took the first step towards our new ministry assignment here in Brazil. Now Elsiene, in addition to the normal day-to-day care of our family, is packing for our big move, and making arrangements regarding the house that has been in her family for 40 years—our home since 2010.

I am preparing may class on Hermeneutics, i.e., “How to Interpret the Bible.” EBEx has 10 prospective students for January 2016, most of whom will have already had basic Greek. However, if there are students arriving without Greek, I’ll teach the introductory Greek class. I will also be sitting in on the Greek Syntax class, taught by Diego Ramos, with a view to teaching that myself in the future.

Pastor Jenuan, seminary president, just sent me an e-mail to let us know they are working on temporary accommodations where our family can stay upon our arrival until we find something more permanent.

A few weeks ago, via Skype, I met Pastor Humberto. In addition to serving as administrative director for EBEx, he also heads up a non-profit publishing ministry. Among other titles, he has acquired rights to translate and publish John MacArthur’s Preaching: How to Preach Biblically, which we will use as one of our text books at EBEx.

Skype Conv w Pr Humberto

Skype with Pr. Humberto

With every interaction with our new team, and as the day grows nearer, our eager anticipation grows as well. Please pray for us as we prepare. One of our principle concerns regards our house in Goiânia. Please pray that God would provide a good renter for us.

We’ve had a number of fits and starts as we try to make the best arrangements regarding our property in Goiânia. Thus far, it has been somewhat discouraging, but Tuesday Elsiene’s step-father brought a friend of his in real estate. Though I didn’t recognize him, Julio recognized me from our sons’ school, where his son studies in the same 3rd grade class as our son. We explained to Julio our upcoming move to Fortaleza and he gave us a realistic orientation of what we can expect regarding our house.

(Rent collected from our house in Goiânia may only cover a third of what we will probably need to rent in Fortaleza. Furthermore, we ought to budget for 2 or 3 months while repairs are being done on our house in Goiânia before it begins to generate an income toward our place in Fortaleza.)

After Julio left, Elsiene and I thanked the Lord for this connection through her dad and figured we’d probably ask Julio to help us manage the house. An hour later Julio called back to say the Lord had put us and our ministry on his heart and he returned to bless us with several armloads of groceries!

The Lord encouraged us greatly through Julio’s heart of generosity. In our ministry in Brazil, we live on faith that where God guides, God provides.

As we anticipate our move from Goiânia to Fortaleza, we are trusting the Lord to meet the following financial needs:

  • We need to close a gap of about $1100 in monthly support.
  • We have about $10,000 in one-time expenses related to our move including, e.g., air-fare for the family; either shipping or replacing household appliances and furnishings; and first several months’ rent.

For our family, $1100 per month and $10,000 in special needs seems like a considerable amount. But if out of every 10 persons who receive this letter, even one new person joined our support team at, for example, $50 per month, our monthly support need in 2016 would be met.

And if 2 persons out of every 10 were able to give a special gift of $200, for example, in September, October or November, the expenses related to our move would be met.

Would you please pray that God would provide for us as we move and begin our new ministry in Fortaleza?

And would you prayerfully consider how you may be able to partner with us financially at this time through monthly or special gifts of any amount as the Lord leads and enables?

As we bring our financial need to you, we are sensitive to the fact that many of you already support our ministry as well as others. We are therefore all the more grateful.

Thank you so much for your friendship and your partnership with us, and your dedication to the Lord’s work.

In Christ,

Matthew & Elsiene Carroll,

Action International Ministries

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If you’d like to download a PDF version of the EBEx brochure in English, please click here.