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MacArthur Study Notes for the Online ESV

When the ESV Study Bible was released in the fall of 2008, I immediately fell in love with the online component. I have a print edition, but what I use almost every day is the online edition.

Then in April 2010, when I learned that Crossway would be publishing an ESV version of the MacArthur Study Bible, I contacted them and inquired if they would make MacArthur’s notes available as a module that could be added to the online ESV.

I received the following cryptic reply:

from: ESV Online Help
to: Matthew Carroll
date: Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 9:25 PM
subject: Re: [ESV Online] Customer feedback on /search/gen/

I take it you would be interested in this =)

Crossway – ESVonlinehelp

Keep Connnected:

Interested? Definitely!

Well, my wait is over. The MacArthur study notes module is now available for $19.99 as a as an add-in to the online ESV. Crossway is offering a 30-day free trial. If you don’t have an ESV Study Bible, you can get a free account with just the ESV text, and try out the MacArthur notes for free as well. I’m doing the test drive right now.

Details [here] and [here].

Here’s a screen shot of Mark. (Click to enlarge.)

My own notes are in the left column. The ESV text is in the second column, and I have arranged the ESV Study Bible notes and the MacArthur Study Bible notes in the third and fourth columns.

There are a few things I really like about the online ESV Study Bible:

  1. Portable – Anywhere you log in in the world, you automatically have your Bible with personal highlighting, underlining, “margin” notes.
  2. Affordable – Obviously, software like Logos Bible Software is far more robust, but frankly, I haven’t been financially able to keep up. When Logos rolled out version 4, they left me behind. For quick searching the text of Scripture and getting an at-a-glance commentary on a passage, Crossway’s online ESV Study Bible has been very helpful.
  3. Linkable – From any other program that permits web linking, you can link into your online ESV.

    When I teach, rather than use Powerpoint, I like to use Freemind mindmaps. Within a mindmap, I can include a Scripture address that links to that location in my online ESV. Rather than copy and paste all my Scripture into a Powerpoint, I link from my mindmap to the online ESV. This gives much greater flexibility while teaching to search out the context or investigate a parallel passage if class discussion takes a unforeseen, but serendipitous turn. (Yes, I know, you can link from a PowerPoint to a web address, but I still prefer a mindmap to a PowerPoint slideshow.)

    You can also link out from the ESV to other online resources, for example if a video on YouTube provides an illustration pertinent to a given Scripture passage, you can put that link in your own marginal notes to your online ESV.

I found all of these benefits before test driving the MacArthur study notes module. The release of MacArthur’s notes for the online ESV will only increase the valuable tool Crossway’s online ESV has become.

Thank you, Crossway!