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September 3, 2014 Newsletter

Dear friends and ministry partners,

What gratitude we have toward the Lord for each of you who prayed for us and our Biblical Counseling conference with Dr. Lou Priolo!

From having 87 registered the week before, more than 220 people actually attended! A great team of volunteers pitched in as well. For Dr. Priolo, this was his third visit to Brazil, and he remarked it was his most enjoyable so far! Our translator Dennis invested many hours preparing a Portuguese version of Dr. Priolo’s content-rich PowerPoint slides, which were used not only at our conference, but also at Dr. Priolo’s next event. Dennis also translated the first teaching session, and I (Matthew) translated the next five. More than a dozen pastors from other churches attended. Next week we will meet with these pastors to talk about future opportunities for training leaders and equipping churches. Please pray that God would bless and direct this meeting September 13!

2014-08-18 20.11.12 IMG_4311 (Dennis & Priolo) (400)

Dennis translating for Dr. Priolo

Backing up just a bit, only days before Dr. Priolo’s arrival, a church in Brasília (3 hours by car from Goiânia) called to ask if Dr. Priolo could address their church. I regretted to inform them it would not be possible to squeeze another speaking event into his schedule. But we agreed they could meet him at the airport, show him the sites of Brazil’s capital, and take him to dinner just with their pastoral leadership for informal Q&A, and then provide his flight to Goiânia the next morning.

Dr. Priolo later told me the stop in Brasilia was worthwhile; he hopes to return there next year. The church in Brasília was grateful and sent a couple to represent them at our conference. Pastor Roberto and I look forward to joining forces with them to bring quality training to build up the Brazilian church.

2014-08-20 20.58.03 IMG_0415 (Gisele e Diogo ICEB) (400)

With Gisele and Diogo from the church in Brasília

The Sunday evening before our conference began, Dr. Priolo preached at a Baptist church in Goiânia. Dr. Priolo really made an impression on the church’s translator. This young man attended a seminary where he was trained in counseling based on principles of secular psychology. Since meeting Dr. Priolo, the translator has been asking how he can be trained in biblical counseling.

2014-08-17 Edomm at SIB (400)

At the Baptist church, the translator with Dr. Priolo

Goiânia’s First Presbyterian Church brought a contingent of about 20 people to attend our conference in Biblical Counseling. In November, the Presbyterian church is hosting a conference on Expository Preaching. Their speakers will include a selection of respected Brazilian preachers as well as American pastor Bryan Chapell. Chapell is author of Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon, an excellent seminary textbook on expository preaching, which is also available in Portuguese.

Expository preaching and biblical counseling are like fraternal twins, born each one embracing his brother; the two ministries are not identical, but they are birthed in the same moment from the conviction that “man shall not live… but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

What a privilege for us to be in Brazil at such a time as this, to cooperate with likeminded brothers in Christ, and participate in the work God is doing building up his church!

Finally, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who prayed for our family’s health the past several months. In May, June and July, four out of the five of us had dengue fever—only Natu escaped. Dengue is a mosquito-borne virus that attacks the liver, causes high fevers and body aches, and in severe cases hemorrhaging. Thankfully, we all had mild cases. The high fevers did not precipitate any seizures for Zuzu, and everyone else has recovered and is in good health.

Thank you for all you do, through your prayers and generous gifts, to support us in ministry in Brazil. We couldn’t do it without you!

Blessings in Christ!

Matthew & Elsiene Carroll,
with Natu, Nilo & Zuzu



Dr. Lou Priolo Conference Audio on Conflict Resolution:

  • Sunday morning message: “Rethinking Rash Judgments” (Matthew translating)
  • Monday Session 1: “Humility – Part 1” (Dennis translating)
  • Monday Session 2: “Humility – Part 2” (Matthew translating)
  • Tuesday Session 3: “Meekness – Part 1” (Matthew translating)
  • Tuesday Session 4: “Meekness – Part 2” (Matthew translating)
  • Wednesday Session 5: “Patience” (Matthew translating)
  • Wednesday Session 6: “Forebearance” (Matthew translating)

2014-08-10 11.09.24 IMG_4273 (Dia dos Pais) 2One last pic, just for fun…

Fathers’ Day in Brazil is celebrated in August.
(So I get to celebrate twice!)

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Free resource: Overviews of the NT & OT on a single page

God promises that the diligent student of His word will be blessed (Joshua 1:8).

Teaching at ICESO

Our new belevers’ class

My own approach to Bible reading is slow, repetitive and methodical, and I love my digital tools that make it easy dial down onto fine details, and leave no exegetical rock unturned.

However, one can also get lost among the trees and lose sight of the forest. Often, it helps to take in the view from 30,000 feet.

To that end, when I teach an introduction to the Christian faith, I provide a very concise overview of the Old and New Testaments, each on a single page.

I take the books in canonical order, divide them into genre, and then suggest a theme and a key verse for each book. Along the way, I have added a few notations in the margins as well.

OT Overview

I have these available as PDFs in English and Portuguese. If you’d like to use them and share them you may.

Please let me know if you find them helpful or if you have questions!